5 Common Problems Encountered by Freelancers

5 Common Problems Encountered by Freelancers

A lot of people think freelance work is easy because you can do it when you want and from where you want, but the reality is not that simple.

Before you start working freelance, the common thought is ‘this is easy, I will work from home and I can go out whenever I want’.

If you are not very fond of 9 to 5 working style then you will find this is a good reason to start looking for alternative working hours. Could be pretty tough in the beginning, struggling to find ongoing work, but after some time you will manage to keep your head afloat.

Check out the 5 most common problems encountered by freelancers below:

1. Lack of Experience and Persistence

At the beginning, you will start looking for answers on how to start your freelance career with no experience and ultimately become a successful freelancer.

Starting without previous freelance work experience is extremely hard but you have to be persistent.

So in this case the past work that you did while being employed might work.

Make sure to create a good-looking portfolio which will be your launching pad to your freelance career.

Then maybe you will apply for online jobs a few days, maybe months but if you are persistent, you will see your springboard which will make you forget about the problems freelancers have and dive right into delivering quality freelance work.

2. Bad and Stressful Clients & Different Time Zones

While searching for the perfect job which will match your skill-set the best, you will find a lot of stressful clients who will give you incredibly short deadlines, low payments, or make you work in a specific time zone.

You will have to learn how to cope with this common problem faced by new freelancers if you really want to make it as a successful freelancer.

If your client is demanding to work in a specific time zone, but waking up in 3 AM isn’t working well for you, you should communicate openly and find a way to a compromise which will work great with both sides.

3. Not Valuing Your Work Enough

After some time you will learn how to recognize well-organized clients with clear instructions and non-organized stressful clients who don’t know what they are demanding, but they want the work to be delivered on time.

A friendly freelancing tip for beginners: value your work!

Maybe you think if you lower the price for one project, you will have a bigger chance to get the job. Wrong! You should value the time and effort you put in your freelance work and you should charge the price you think it is fair.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes, you see a person who applied to finish the project for $50 and a person who will finish the same project for $100, automatically you think the one who put a higher price knows what to do and will provide you with higher quality results.

4. Lost Balance Between Freelance Work and Personal Life

While working freelance sometimes you will think you lost the work-life balance.

Sleeping until noon and working when you get up will contribute to that which will make it hard at the beginning but you will realize that finishing the work early is better especially if you are charging hourly.

While charging hourly you will also realize that 4 hours of freelance work is harder than 10 hours in the office because with freelancing you don’t have a lunch break or cigarette break, you will have to work 8 hours effective and productive every single day.

5. Not Understanding the Freelance Process Completely

Before you start applying for freelance jobs, you should inform yourself about different things in order to understand the freelance work completely.

You should inform about the payment, how will you receive the payment, and which payment method will work best for you.

Every freelancer is looking for the best alternative to lower the fee cost.

Also, you should read carefully the job description before you apply, because you are still a beginner and you don’t have experience, you shouldn’t promise to finish the project until the next day because in the beginning you don’t know how much time it will take you.

These are just a few common problems beginner freelancers are facing, but overall, if you manage to organize your time, freelance work will give you the opportunity to choose what project you want to work on and you can earn a lot while doing what you love, which is the most important and valuable thing.

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